another call.

we got the phone call a little past 11am this morning.

1 embryo made it to being a day 5 blastocyst. it was graded, biopsied for potential genetic testing later, and frozen.

all blastocysts are given a grade, separated by 3 quality scores. the first score, ranging from 1-6, grades its development stage. 1 being not developed at all to 6 being fully hatched. the next score is inner cell mass quality, ranging from A-C, with ‘A’ being the best. ‘A’ means many cells, tightly packed; ‘B’ means several cells, loosely grouped; and ‘C’ means very few cells. the last score is trophectoderm quality, which my understanding is the quality of the outermost layer. again, ranging from A-C, with ‘A’ being the best. ‘A’ means many cells, forming a cohesive layer; ‘B’ means few cells, forming a loose epithelium; and ‘C’ means very few large cells.

our frozen blastocyst was graded a 4AA, which is really, really good. it has not yet started to hatch, but is on it’s way.

the other 2 embryos? they’re currently compacted, which essentially means they’re still growing. embryologists will sometimes push embryos to grow until day 6, and even day 7 to give them the opportunity to get to where they need to be. basically there’s a 50/50 chance that either of those two will make it any further.

another call awaits for us tomorrow morning with their update. on friday, we meet with dr. kolb to discuss what our next steps are.

what a rollercoaster this is.