los angeles fresh 48 newborn photography / ansel

when a baby is named ansel after the infamous photographer, ansel adams…you know the stars are going to align to be able to capture his second day on this planet.
….but it almost wasn’t so!
I was contacted by ansel’s mama well in advance. she told me when her due date was, but ultimately thought he’d come earlier because her first baby was 2 weeks early. unfortunately, all during that time frame was when I was going to be on my trip overseas- so we agreed to touch base again once I was back in town and we could schedule an in home session later on.

cut to: this past thursday, on the flyaway bus from LAX, having successfully survived a 15 hour flight without completely losing my sanity…I am scrolling through facebook and see ansel has yet to make his arrival! so not only was he not early, nor was he right on time– he was still extremely cozy and content inside mama’s belly.

ansel decided to come out nearly a week and a half after his due date. and after meeting this most precious boy, I understand why he was in no rush. this little man exudes a peacefulness and serenity that I have never seen with a newborn. he’s just happy. he’s content. and he’s unbelievably loved by his parents.

mom was so nurturing with him, fully embracing the beautiful newness of her child. and dad was just…enamored. so doting and tender to his wife and ansel; staring constantly into, studying, and taking in every detail, of his brand new baby’s face- his first son.

the stars aligned for me to be here to capture these moments. thank you ansel, for taking your time to enter this world, because I am honored to have preserved it for you and your family.