los angeles family photography / the antoshechkin family

spoiler alert: when someone books a session with me, I ask them to fill out a questionnaire about themselves and their family. it helps me get to know them better and know what is important to them. the second question on my questionnaire is: “what are the things you love about your family?” I love this question because I get to find out that answer. the answer is always different from family to family, always beautiful, and always touching. paula, among other things, responded with, “I love that erik [and oscar] feel things so deeply.”

my time with the antoshechkin family so wonderfully depicted that statement. oscar and erik are two amazing boys. strong willed, inquisitive, and oh so loving. erik bounced back and forth from wanting to share every tidbit about his life with me– to wanting to just be left alone. and I loved the opportunities I had to capture both of those sides! I’ve spent a lot of personal time with sweet oscar, so it was just lovely to get to see him in his home environment with his family.

mom and dad, paula and igor, just celebrated their 9 year wedding anniversary just a few days prior- and I’m grateful to be a part of celebrating their journey and accomplishments together. their home, their boys, their love.