I write this with tears in my eyes. never in our lives did we think this would be the path we would have to go down to start our family. spenser and I have always believed that raising children takes a village…but in our instance, creating our children will also take a village.

many of you know the infertility journey we’ve been on for the last 23 months. unfortunately, our only option left is IVF, in-vitro fertilization. asking for help is never easy, especially financial– but the weight of this next chapter we’re about to embark on is tremendous, and we can’t do it alone. the support of our family and friends over the past two years has been incredible. we feel so many people cheering for us, thinking about us, praying for us. we are SO ready to be parents, and grateful that medical technology is at a place where we still have options to explore.

any amount that you might be able to contribute to our medical bills would mean the world to Spenser and I, as IVF is not covered by insurance and we will have to pay for everything out of pocket. truly, every single dollar counts towards the greater goal of being able to one day be called Mom and Dad. from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.