los angeles family photography / bonnie + family

bonnie contacted me with these words: “I don’t have any current pictures of myself.  i’ve been in denial about aging and I haven’t wanted to have my picture taken.  I think it’s time that I embrace who I am entirely.”

I’m not sure I can even begin to articulate everything I want to say to such a statement. I praise and admire bonnie for her honesty and self awareness. I am humbled at her choice to come to me.

we all know that time old saying: “age is just a number”. the tangible number of age is how many rotations around the sun we’ve made since we were born. and believe you me, that number doesn’t ever have to coordinate as to how you feel inside. I get it, as we get older- our face changes, our body changes, how we see ourselves in the mirror might not reflect what we feel on the inside. but what we feel on the inside is truly what is most important.

and bonnie, well bonnie, has rotated around the sun nearly 58 times. and her spirit and energy shines in a way that I can only hope to embody on my 58th rotation on this planet earth. she is full of joy, child-like energy, and exudes the most giving and selfless essence.

bonnie and I were joined by her son and his wife- where we giggled and played in vegetation. (clients who climb inside of trees on their own fruition are my some of my favorite type of clients!)

I am so in love with these pictures because of their simplicity. sometimes it is grand to be in incredible locations or capture once in a life time moments. but also just capturing one’s authentic self in front of some greenery is just as important and inspiring.

upon receiving these final photos- I got a text from bonnie. she said to me: “it is apparent that you don’t have to wait until you’re 58 or even one more second to be amazing woman”.

and this is why I do what I do.