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the wilson family / san diego family photography

a simple day at home. but oh so much more.

these are the sessions that make my heart flutter; where I spend time with a family and “nothing happens”. those are the sessions where everything happens, where images are created that I know will mean the absolute world to the family a year from now.. 10 years from now.

grandma was visiting. the older boys and dad played music in the garage. the whole family hung out on their balcony and talked and ate snacks. they dug in sandbox, played catch. there were tickle fights, and bee stings, and dishes washed. the sun began to set and dinner was prepared while the kids skateboarded in front of their house.

this is the world of the wilson family in october of 2017. a month from now it will look different. a year from now, so much will have changed. but this, this is a snapshot of their present.

details preserved. an afternoon forever frozen in time. how incredibly special is that to have?


the baby playgroup photoshoot

a few months ago, I was honored to be able to do a photoshoot for an up and coming business. their website is finally live, and I’m excited to introduce to you the baby playgroup!

the baby playgroup is an educational program focused on multi-sensory stimulation to enhance brain development in infants and toddlers. children get the opportunity experience multi-sensory cues to stimulate the brain to include visual tracking, audio tracking, gentle gross motor skills, music & movement, and vestibular activities.

watching babies experience things for the first time is truly one of my favorite things to witness. as an early childhood educator in an infant classroom for many years, I got to watch this first hand over and over again. there’s truly nothing like it.

if you are in the los angeles area…click through and explore! my images are featured on their website, and you can see even more from this photoshoot below.

what’s the most special for me out of all of this is this video that a mama took during the shoot. children are often so very interested in my camera, and I always let them safely explore it if they’re showing interest. I have very few images of me in action with my camera, and having this video is even more special. I just love getting to be in a child’s world. what a sacred and beautiful space it is!


joshy / los angeles newborn lifestyle photography

this moment in a time.
6 weeks into your existence on earth.
6 weeks of your parents staring in awe of you; sleep deprived, perhaps sometimes overwhelmed, but most importantly- so deeply and madly in love.

it’s amazing to see, in such a short amount of time, how much a routine at home is already established. the bedroom snuggles, the book reading and bottle feeding with dad, the way mom knows how to hold you to soothe you immediately.

the very beginning of your story. it’s happening. right here, in this moment.
this is the start of it all.

baby joshy, welcome to the world. you are so, so loved.


olivia / class of 2018

disclaimer: I am not a senior portrait photographer. I do not shoot senior portraits. I will not book senior portraits because I literally have no idea what I’m doing.

continue reading on to learn more about this senior portrait session…. :)

this is my sister-in-law, olivia.
she and my mother-in-law were in town for a few days (they live in northern california), and candidly asked if I would be willing to do some senior photos for olivia while they were in town. I’m pretty sure my immediate response was: “I don’t know how to pose people”. and that’s 100% true. posed photography is a true art form in itself, and if you know me and what I do with my camera- I do not pose. I may find the pretty light in your home, and I may sometimes intervene to lightly direct a moment….but always strive to capture real life. what fills my heart is capturing the beauty of your everyday.

so. had I followed olivia around for the day and documented her life as a senior in high school (hello. how. much. fun. would. that. be.), that would be MY version of senior portraits. but olivia was really wanting different from the rest of what the seniors in her town do for their photos, and I so admire and appreciate that notion.

I went on pinterest and searched for “senior photography for girls” and saved images of poses on my phone. and on the evening of shooting together, olivia and I literally looked through my phone and tried to mimic (as best as we could) the poses that I saved.

truth be told, I am more than elated with how things turned out. I love the photos. I think they are edgy and colorful, and olivia looks stunning. I secretly wish I had photos of myself that looked like this when I was on the cusp of graduating high school.

that said, I took the time to capture MY type of photos. the messy, the candid, the authentic moments.
and I love those even more.


brodie mae / los angeles fresh48 photography

brodie mae was born july 19, 2017.
her sister, tenley june, was born june 8, 2016.
they are 13 months apart in age.

even though the conception of another baby only 3 months postpartum with your first baby would take ANYONE by surprise- brodie’s appearance to this world is even more miraculous her parents, amy and chris, were only given a 2% of ever conceiving naturally.

their first daughter, tenley, is the product of 2 IVF cycles, which created 4 embryos. two transfers later, and a debt of close to $50,000- they finally had their beautiful baby girl after 3 years of fighting infertility. their baby was here. finally, finally here.
on the day after she was born, I had the honor to photograph her and her family, and it was an absolutely beautiful experience. you can see the love just seeping through the images! from that moment on, I’ve become quite close with amy, as she’s been a huge support to me through my own infertility struggles.

from our own personal journey to become parents, I have begun to really realize that every single baby born, be it naturally or with assistance, is a true miracle. for every thing to line up within a woman and man’s body to create a human life, the millions of intricate factors that need to be perfectly in place, all babies born are true and absolute miracles.

and brodie mae is the absolute and definitive proof of a miracle. she is the 2% probability in real, beautiful, and tangible form. she wasn’t supposed to ever happen, but against all odds, 3 months after her sister was born, she was created. she grew, she thrived, and she was born perfectly healthy.

so here I was, 13 months later, in the same hospital, just a few doors down from the same exact room, capturing brodie’s second day here. but the one huge difference was that I was also in the room when tenley met her baby sister for the first time.

theses images, oh my goodness, they make me well up with tears. the exact moment in time where two sisters meet. there’s a series where tenley makes eye contact with brodie for the first time, and then immediately looks at her mom, and then reaches for her sister. it’s everything.
it’s the exact start as a family of 4.
a family with 2 uniquely incredible miracles of children.
a lifetime of new memories, of sisters who will grow up as close as close can be.

it’s the absolute beginning of a new chapter, a new story. and it’s forever frozen in time.

and all I can think about is how when tenley and brodie are grown, they’re going to have these moments to look back on. the very first second they met.

my heart swells.