charlotte + finn / los angeles children photography

my first contact from courtney was an email that said: “I really want some pictures of my little girl before she loses her baby teeth”. I knew immediately that in the photographer-to-client-relationship cosmos, we were a perfect match.

I am a story teller. when you look back on your pictures years from now, I want details that were once forgotten to come flooding back. I want you to be filled nostalgia and sentimentality. I want those hazy memories to become real again, and play in your mind’s eye as if you were right back in that moment in time. life happens so fast. in an instant, you blink and everything is different. your baby girl has her adult teeth. your little boy no longer sucks his thumb when going to bed.

what I cherish, what I am so honored to do, is preserve memories for my families. I stop time. I freeze details. I tell their story.

so what happened on this overcast saturday morning? I jumped head first into courtney’s children’s world. we went to one of their favorite parks and built fairy houses out of sticks and leaves, danced in bubbles, ran through trees, drew with chalk, and giggled in the grass.  I left the session with my cheeks hurting because I was smiling the entire time.

courtney’s babies, charlotte and finn, are incredible human beings. being in their world reminded me of the magic of childhood- full of wonder, full of love. I hope that, years from now, they’ll remember how big the trees looked when they looked up in the sky. I hope they remember how a simple glance to their sibling would make the other crack up in laughter. I hope that forever preserving this saturday morning will hold as a keepsake to a time that was filled with curiosity and imagination. I hope they never, ever lose their curiosity and imagination.