taken last night…two different shots every night until Friday, when another one might be added to the mix. I am so grateful for my husband for being the mad scientist every night for mixing the drugs, getting everything ready, and giving me these injections. there’s no way I could do it myself. even for the hundreds of blood draws I’ve gotten over these past two years, I still always look away.

full disclosure: I felt compelled to drag this image into photoshop, and lessen the “bulge” of my tummy- because let’s be real, this isn’t a flattering moment by any means. but I didn’t. because even though I’ve gained about 10lbs in the past few months due the cocktail of hormones I was on for the IUIs, a complete lack of exercise in my daily routine, or acknowledgement of the degree of emotional eating I was giving into…..this is real life.

and hey, I’m just providing more cushion for our baby to snuggle and grow into, right? right.