baby dean + family / infant los angeles lifestyle photography


there’s something super special and unique about this session.
grandparents were visiting, staying with the family for about 6 months to help with the newest arrival, the most delicious, drooly, and smiley, baby dean. and on top of that, the only ones who spoke english were mom and dad. grandparents and big brother, daniel, only spoke chinese! but you know what these images show? language barriers do not conflict between subjects and a camera. the family bonds and love seeps through these images, and there was absolutely little that I did to “prompt” that to happen.

it was an absolute honor to document home life for this family of 7- which includes their “first baby”, guai guai the dog, who came all the way from china! mom told me that she wanted these images because it would be very special, as a chinese family, to have photos done by an american photographer from western point of view.  they had no idea that it people had photos taken inside their homes, and not in a studio!

the last of these images that I am sharing with you are after baby dean fell asleep once I was done shooting. I had my camera packed away, and grandparents took him into a different room of the house for a nap. these are some of my favorite moments. they’re not the typical “infant sleeping in the crib” type of images…. dare I say- the western way. they’re uniquely different. unique to this family. and I love that I had the opportunity to preserve it.