los angeles family photography / the docter family

I think sometimes the word “routine” has a negative association. but, when looking back at family memories, isn’t it the routine that is often most nostalgic?

this blog post is special because it’s a two parter! I met with the docter family on a saturday morning at their home. the plan was to capture some family photos once dad got home from an early morning soccer game. but in the meantime, dylan and her mom did what they do every single morning. make waffles.

dylan eats waffles for breakfast every single morning. it’s part of their daily routine. mom and daughter, in a beautiful dance, moving around the kitchen together- perfectly in sync.

it’s an act so simple, and what can easily be perceived as mundane. but it’s beautiful. it’s fleeting.

one day, many many many years from now, dylan and her mom will look back at this routine. and hopefully they will be filled with that warm ache of fondness of the past.