garrison + family / los angeles first birthday photography

all of a sudden…365 days pass.

from the moment you find out your pregnant, to the 9 months of waiting, to every single fleeting second that follows. …it all goes by too fast.

the purple wooden pterodactyl, that has become his favorite toy.
the family walks around the neighborhood.
the change of mode of transportation now being bear crawling.
his first taste of processed sugar.
the “O” face he used to make as a newborn, which has suddenly returned almost in too perfect of timing.
the fit of giggles while reading your favorite books.

a whole year of change, of newness, of learning, and growing.

it’s only yet just begun, and what comes to follow is just as important– but let’s not forget the little moments we started with. they are the foundation of it all.

happy, happy, first birthday my sweet garrison!