los angeles family photography / the gorelik family

no, you are not experiencing déjà vu. yes, these fabulous people probably look familiar because I just did a session with them in a park a little over a month ago.

but here’s the thing! this isn’t the gorelik family in a park. it’s them in their home. their every day. and I’m obsessed.

dear future potential clients: these lifestyle portrait sessions are my absolute favorite thing ever. why? because I get the opportunity to capture you in your everyday life. for families with children, there is no better way to guarantee authentic photographs. children are able to just be themselves in their own space, and silently (and sometimes not so silently) I click away. I capture what is real and pure. no forced poses, no fake smiles. just your family. I love it. I truly, deeply, love it.

a home changes from one day to the next, from one year to the next. matthew is at the brink of relishing in his independence, of being a “big kid”, using the potty, sitting at the table without a highchair. the nighttime routine is predictable, yet spontaneous all at the same time.

as an adult now- the nostalgia I feel when reflecting back on my own childhood…I wish I had pictures to back up when I see in my head, what I feel in my heart. I just have my memories. how lucky am I to give matthew these photos.