the first of many hurdles.

today was supposed to be the official start date for our IVF process. unfortunately, rather than setting up the appointment for my baseline ultrasound (to make sure that I don’t have any cysts on my ovaries), and buying all the medication… we now have to wait another month.

mixing science with making a baby is an extremely time sensitive process. things need to happen, to be monitored, to be stimulated, to be extracted on precise days, and when there are scheduling conflicts- the whole intricate process falls apart.

and after many hours of phone calls and emails to my new and old RE, as well as advice and input from other fellow IVF mamas…it’s officially been decided that this cycle just isn’t going to work in regards to timing.

so now mid to late june is now the new start date.

I’m disappointed because it’s just one more month of not being any closer to meeting our baby…but, as the universe has been teaching me over the last 23 months, patience is a virtue.

we’re waiting, baby. we, and so many others, are waiting for you.