jonah / los angeles newborn photography

I have to warn you…. by scrolling through this blog post…you’re going to be inundated with image after image….of extreme family snuggles and smooches. best warning ever, huh?

when I arrived at the gad family’s beautiful home- I was welcomed by bright-eyed, curly haired, three year old, elan, who immediately invited me into to his room to show me his toys. after the grand tour of his space, he formally introduced me to jonah, his 13 day new baby brother.

the love between this family….I’m not even sure I can put into words. the amount of affection and unconditional devotion from each and every member (including their 5 year old labradoodle, prudence) was so pure and honest. elan was SO enamored with jonah, finding the perfect balance of exercising his three-year-old  independence and snuggling in so intensely to his new brother.

it was only day 13 of this brand new life as a family, and it was as if it had always been that way. the natural flow from moving from room to room. dad breaking for a moment to take a phone call or two. mom equally sharing her attention to her boys. it was a balancing act that needed no balance. it just was. it just clicked.  it just worked. it was always meant to be.

sweet baby jonah, you are SO loved.