what is lifestyle photography?



as simply as I can put it, lifestyle photography is the art of the everyday.

a primary goal of this art of subtlety is to tell a story about people in their environment in a natural and  authentic way. we often take for granted our daily routine as insignificant, but this is truly where I find the most beauty. the beauty of your everyday. with lifestyle photography, you have freedom to just be you.

the morning snuggles. the nostalgic coffee mug. the favorite pair of ripped jeans. the cookie making. the flower picking. the book reading. the trips to the park. the routine but always special stop at the doughnut shop.  all these things have emotional sentiments that, over time, will change and evolve. you blink and all these things of now, become things of then.

with the investment of lifestyle portraiture, your images will celebrate life as it is in all it’s simple greatness.




how is lifestyle photography achieved?

my families typically spend between $800-$1300 for a session with me. an in-depth questionnaire will be sent out to help me get a better feel of what you are looking for. questions like: what is your family’s ultimate treat, what things do you not want to forget, and, where do you spend your family time, will organically form and spark a game plan for your session. if you have a specific activity, outing, or concept already in mind- even better! we will start the planning process right from there.

on the day of your session…here’s the best part…I show up, and you get to be you. your kids get to be kids; your significant other gets to be the person you love; and your newborn, a pure new life, gets to just be.  I get to be a fly on the wall and capture the wonderful details and fleeting moments of your world. it’s a win win situation.

we will have a loose blueprint for the day, but embrace whatever spontaneity may come. there is no posing. no fancy lights. no stiff clothing. I may adjust curtains on windows, or move small items.  I may be the silent observer, or I may interact and ask silly questions.

but I will always stay true to life.
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