los angeles family photography / lochlan + family

what happens when you mix a family from south korea with one from england with scottish descent? well, first you get a vibrant, shy, and wonderfully observant 3 year old named lochlan. second, at a family gathering, you get a home filled with incredible eastern culinary smells. third, you get a home filled with acoustic music being played by your uncles and granddad.

between the sights, sounds, and smells- I was in heaven.

lochlan had an intimate 3rd birthday celebration at home, where he was surrounded by the love of grandparents and uncles- who on the surface couldn’t be more opposite of each other. I recently came across a quote that couldn’t be more perfect for the wonderful scene I got to document:

“the great gift of family life is to be intimately acquainted with people you might never even introduce

yourself to, had life not done it for you.”  -kendall hailey

one set of lochlan’s grandparents is soft spoken and composed, while the other side is more outspoken and passionate. two families with two completely different upbringings, stories, and backgrounds.

and none of that matters when they are all gathered around the coffee table exploring a brand new train set with their grandchild.

and it was beautiful.











happy birthday, lochlan!