los angeles newborn fresh 48 photography / logan

I’m not sure where to begin with this. there’s a lot I want to say– but even then, I’m not sure the message or the feelings will entirely get across anyways.

full disclosure- this is my first “fresh 48” session. a type of session that takes place in the hospital within 48 hours of a baby being born. newborns change so quickly- and I think it can be so special to capture the newness within the first few hours of life.

as I entered the maternity ward, I literally bumped into mama…who, having had a c-section, was out for a walk with her brand new baby. logan. 9lbs 7oz, 22in long. just born yesterday. oh my heart.

big sister, brooke joined us a bit later. the devotion, care, and unconditional love this girl had for her baby brother was nothing that I had ever seen. she was just an enamored as mom and dad were- anxious to calm his cries, kiss his face, gaze into his eyes, even change his diapers! and with the big sister card in hand, brooke made the executive decision for logan to do a wardrobe change…into a (albeit adorable) knitted giraffe ensemble. it comes with the territory, logan I’m sure, will realize.

we ended our time together on another family walk- as brooke passed out “it’s a boy!” suckers to the nurses. did I mention she’s a proud big sister?

I think time moves slower in the maternity ward. there’s a stillness, a calmness in the air, which permeates throughout. voices are quieter, movements are calmer. it’s a wonderful transition from womb to real world. brief, yet safe.

thank you to the frame family for letting me be a part of it.