brodie mae / los angeles fresh48 photography

brodie mae was born july 19, 2017.
her sister, tenley june, was born june 8, 2016.
they are 13 months apart in age.

even though the conception of another baby only 3 months postpartum with your first baby would take ANYONE by surprise- brodie’s appearance to this world is even more miraculous her parents, amy and chris, were only given a 2% of ever conceiving naturally.

their first daughter, tenley, is the product of 2 IVF cycles, which created 4 embryos. two transfers later, and a debt of close to $50,000- they finally had their beautiful baby girl after 3 years of fighting infertility. their baby was here. finally, finally here.
on the day after she was born, I had the honor to photograph her and her family, and it was an absolutely beautiful experience. you can see the love just seeping through the images! from that moment on, I’ve become quite close with amy, as she’s been a huge support to me through my own infertility struggles.

from our own personal journey to become parents, I have begun to really realize that every single baby born, be it naturally or with assistance, is a true miracle. for every thing to line up within a woman and man’s body to create a human life, the millions of intricate factors that need to be perfectly in place, all babies born are true and absolute miracles.

and brodie mae is the absolute and definitive proof of a miracle. she is the 2% probability in real, beautiful, and tangible form. she wasn’t supposed to ever happen, but against all odds, 3 months after her sister was born, she was created. she grew, she thrived, and she was born perfectly healthy.

so here I was, 13 months later, in the same hospital, just a few doors down from the same exact room, capturing brodie’s second day here. but the one huge difference was that I was also in the room when tenley met her baby sister for the first time.

theses images, oh my goodness, they make me well up with tears. the exact moment in time where two sisters meet. there’s a series where tenley makes eye contact with brodie for the first time, and then immediately looks at her mom, and then reaches for her sister. it’s everything.
it’s the exact start as a family of 4.
a family with 2 uniquely incredible miracles of children.
a lifetime of new memories, of sisters who will grow up as close as close can be.

it’s the absolute beginning of a new chapter, a new story. and it’s forever frozen in time.

and all I can think about is how when tenley and brodie are grown, they’re going to have these moments to look back on. the very first second they met.

my heart swells.