shahan + sareen / los angeles fresh48 photography

just as much as a hospital newborn session is about forever preserving the details of the baby you’ve waited 9 long months for…it can also be so much more with that. sometimes a fresh48 session is about showing how a family is expanding. how, in an instant, your first born is promoted to big brother or sister.

beautiful, head-full-of-gorgeous-hair, shahan entered this world on a cloudy january day.  the following morning, his 2 year old big sister, sareen, came with her auntie. it was the first time she was going to meet her new baby brother….and I was there with my camera!

there’s an image that I captured- the microsecond that sareen sees her brother for the first time…and it’s such a powerful moment to me. it’s a simple gaze, eye contact made from the safety of mom’s hospital bed. it’s the beginning of a lifetime of siblinghood. it’s the beginning of learning to share and learning to wait. it’s the beginning of potentially feeling jealous, of no longer being the center of her parent’s world. but it’s also the beginning of a bond that no one else will understand. it’s a moment of an indefinite amount secretive giggles, adventures in imaginary worlds, unconditional love, and protection. it’s the beginning of always, ALWAYS, having a friend.

that single moment is also when her parent’s heart swelled twice more than they thought possible. it’s the moment when a family of three officially becomes a family of four. and how sweet that moment is!