achievement unlocked.

marriage achievement unlocked: giiiiiaaaant needle into butt.
internet achievement unlocked: post photo of your hiney for all the world to see.

this is real life, folks. and what a strange life it is. last night was the first intramuscular shot ever.

I was super scared. I’ll post an image of the size of the needle another time, and you’ll understand why the thought of it having to go into my bottom was less than appealing. …but we did it!

this phase of the game is all about the estrogen. I’m taking it in a pill form twice a day, and in a shot form every 3rd day until I go back to see my doctor next thursday. estrogen helps to mature and thicken the uterine lining, which needs to be thick and healthy for an embryo to implant into. the side effects of taking estrogen range from nausea to hair loss to headaches to mood swings. weeeeee! I tend to get very little physical side effects, and whole lot of mental ones…so I’m buckling down for these next few weeks. spenser has already offered me gummy bears several times in the last 12 hours, haha.

we have many more weeks of these giant needles to the butt. universe willing, these shots continue on until the 10th week of pregnancy…but more on that later.