oh hey there follicles, how you doin’.

I had my appointment this morning to check to see how these little buggers are growing. so far I have 18 follicles, measuring between 11-14mm. at this stage of the game with my first cycle in june, I had 13 follicles measuring between 13-18mm.

so I’m going to continue on with my tortoise and the hare metaphor….slow and steady wins the race! we’re not overly pushing things this time, and making my body do it’s thing a lot more slowly and controlled. I go back on friday again, and will find out if the retrieval stays scheduled for sunday or gets pushed back a few more days to let things develop a little bit longer.

in the meantime, my belly is covered in bruises, none of my pants fit, the familiar “fullness” feeling is back, and the brain fog is coming on real and strong. I flip back and forth between being annoyed to excited to angry to sad to hopeful to back to being annoyed. there’s a whole lot happening inside my brain at any given moment….and I’ll mostly blame the fertility drugs for that. but also… nothing about this is fun, so I’ll also blame what is happening inside my brain on that too.