this box arrived in the mail for me yesterday. leftover progesterone in oil (PIO) from a mama who was finally pregnant and no longer needed it. this is a common thing within this world, gifting or reselling leftover meds.

but this was so much more than leftover medication and needles. it was a box that came with 2 chocolate bars that are a favorite of the mama-to-be. it was a box that came with a card of encouragement and support. it was a box that came from someone who has been in my shoes, and was now finally on the other side.

I’m not sure there is anything more beautiful and more bittersweet than being in the infertility community. I have never felt so instantaneously connected to strangers. I have never felt so supported, encouraged, and uplifted by women I may never meet face to face. as much as I sometimes hate that this is our lives, I almost can’t imagine it any other way. this community, this world, is truly amazing….so many of us fighting for the same goal and simultaneously paying forward in any way we can.

one day we will be parents. and one day I will be able to send out boxes like this. and I’m waiting as patiently as I can for that time.