all systems GO!

I went in today for the baseline ultrasound for a frozen embryo transfer. I can’t believe this is actually happening!

I had a residual cyst on one of my ovaries from my egg retrieval from a month ago, and had to wait to get blood work back to make sure it was okay to move forward with starting the meds. if the cyst was producing progesterone into my system, I would have had to go back on birth control for another 10 days and hope it would resolve. luckily, everything came back totally clear and we’re officially in full frozen embryo transfer mode now.

my calendar for meds is crazy. shots, pills, vaginal suppositories…each day a different combination. if we make a mistake in any way in terms of what I put into my body, at the wrong time, the wrong amount, on the wrong day- this whole cycle can be cancelled. but my amazing nurse has everything printed and written out to a tee…and we will follow it religiously.

this is crazy.