it happened.

you guys. our glimmers grew. oh they grew!!!
we have 8 frozen blastocysts sitting in the lab right now…. 8!!! 5 are rated high quality (4aa, 4ba, 4aa, 4bb, 4ba) and 3 are rated fair quality (4ac, 4bc, 4bb).

there is 1 more that is compacted (still growing) so they’re pushing it one more day, so maaaaybe we will get a 9th one.

but we did it. it happened. it finally, finally, happened!!!

one of the first things I told my husband was, “it feels so good to feel happy, I haven’t felt this way in so long!”. this is a chapter, that at least for now, is closed. we’ve overcome this huge milestone. we have embabies sitting on ice waiting for us. we have SO many other milestones and hurdles to face, but this is a victory. this is a step forward towards the goal we have, it’s a step closer than we’ve ever, ever been. and my GOSH, it feels absolutely incredible!!!

so what happens next? I’ll give you one guess. more waiting! we’ll be sending biopsies of our frozen glimmers off for genetic testing. depending on if this 9th one makes it, that means we’ll have either 9 or 10 to send away (don’t forget about our 1 little golden embryo that was our fighter from our first cycle!) once we know how many are genetically normal, we’ll start prepping for the transfer process. this is uncharted territory, and all I really know is that it involves weeks of huge needles with shots into the butt of progesterone oil. I’ve never been so happy to know that that is what is coming next! ha.

from the bottom of me and my husband’s heart- thank you so much for the constant support and encouragement you’ve given us through this wild ride. we’re on to the next phase, which no doubt will have bridges to cross, but this support from family, friends, and those we’ve never even met has lifted us on the darkest moments. thank you, thank you, thank you.