“go ahead and empty your bladder if you need to, and then undress from the waist down.”

this is probably the phrase I’ve heard most often throughout this whole baby making process. from the 4 IUIs to our now second cycle of IVF…it’s always the same. I wait for the day when the nurse accepts that I fully know what needs to happen, and she’ll just smile and take me to the exam room with the trust that I know I need to go pee and then sit half naked with a paper blanket on my lap and wait for my doctor to come in.

but today was just like the 234982904 other times (okay, a slight exaggeration haha) that I’ve been to one of these types of appointments. we were giving the official go ahead to start the stimming process of this cycle. sing it with me now: “shots! shots!.. shots! shots! shots!.. shots! shots!” allllll the shots. 3 every night for the next 10 days.

my follicles look suppressed and teenie tiny (about 10 on each side), just as they should be. and now we shake them awake with a cocktail of fertility drugs, and hope for the best!

next appointment is sunday morning… if all goes to plan, the egg retrieval will be august 27th!