if you’ve been following our IVF journey, please take a moment to read this all the way through!

first off, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to me or my husband since our frozen embryo transfer on friday morning. being able to share our story, to be cheered on by so many people, is truly, truly incredible.

I’ve been asked now, “so what happens next?”
in a perfect world, once an embryo is placed inside the uterus, it will implant and grow. a few weeks from now, I will return to my clinic and take a blood test to hopefully confirm that an actual pregnancy has taken place.

this ultrasound isn’t a picture of a baby. it’s a picture of a possibility, of an opportunity. this isn’t a guarantee, but it’s a step closer than we’ve ever been before. and now, though this feels awkward to have to write, my husband and I have a request. we would like to ask for privacy during this waiting period and the time to follow. be it that we get good news or bad news in the following weeks, we would greatly appreciate the space to process on our own and share whatever may come when we are ready.

it’s a hard thing to navigate, loving being so open about our story, to a place where we really would like to pretend no one knows what’s going on. there are so many people that are invested and excited for us, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that feels. but please don’t ask us for updates, or if we have any news, or “are you pregnant?!” if you haven’t heard anything from us directly. in the meantime, a simple “thinking of you”, is all that needs to be said, if even anything at all, if you see us in person or interact with us in someway and want us to know you’re excited for an update.

I promise you, when we’re ready to share, we will! I can’t imagine doing this without all the support we’ve received so far. no words can describe how full my heart feels. thank you for giving us the space and time now to navigate and process what may come next. I hope more than anything that my next IVF related update will be the most grandest and most happiest update of our lives!