this is it. these are our potential future children!!!

out of the 9 frozen blastocysts we sent off for genetic testing, my nurse called me earlier today to let us know that 4 came back as normal! what that really means is that these 4 are our viable potentials.. in a perfect world, once 1 is transferred back into me, there wouldn’t be any chromosomal abnormalities that would cause a miscarriage. this doesn’t mean a guaranteed pregnancy, there are SO many other factors…but this is just one step closer!

it’s hard to describe the love I feel in my heart, the excitement and tightness that fills my chest knowing that there are 4 possibilities of life, our babies, sitting in a lab just a few cities away. how surreal this all is right now!

I am so glad I decided to take a month off before jumping into prepping for a transfer. can I tell you how good it feels to feel normal? these last few months have been crazy….absolutely-hormonally-charged-total-mindf*ck-crazy. hormones are no joke, and what a difference my overall mental health and happiness is when not being on any sort of fertility related drugs. it’s been just over 2 weeks since the retrieval, and I feel so refreshed already. for how anxious I was to keep the momentum going, taking the time off to decompress from everything was truly the best choice I could have made. we’re one step closer. we are one tiny step closer. and really, it’s only a 1 month delay from potentially meeting our baby….and I know, I KNOW, that it will have been #worththewait!