the beauty of instagram is that when you use the right hashtags, you’re able to connect immediately with other women who are fighting the fight to become pregnant just like you. I have connected with so many incredible women this way, including some that happen to go to the same to the same clinic as me!

I had recently connected with a woman on instagram, where it was discovered that she and I both had the same doctor. last week we were talking, and realized we would both be at our clinic at the same time this past sunday. she was going back for her 3rd ultrasound, because she was pregnant with the one and only embryo that made it from her retrieval, but she has been bleeding every day. she was possibly miscarrying.

as my husband and I entered the clinic this past sunday, I signed in like I always do, and sat down. a woman came running up to me almost immediately.

“hi! it’s me! I have something for you!”

she ran into the other waiting room, and came back and handed me a package. a package of gummy bears. (if this seems random, see my post from about a week ago about said candy).

I hugged her so tightly, and chatted very briefly before I was called in to get my blood drawn. by the time I got out, she was called in for her appointment.

the point of all this is just to share the incredible power, bond, and selflessness of this sisterhood that I’m part of.

she was at the doctor to confirm or deny a miscarriage. and she went out of her way to bring me my favorite candy.

so I sat in my appointment room, with my husband, half naked, eating gummy bears. it’s too much. it’s too beautiful. it’s too bittersweet. it’s too unfair. it’s too incredible.

(and most importantly- she wasn’t miscarrying. her ultrasound showed a healthy baby. more hurdles to overcome, but a whole lot to celebrate and be thankful for right now).