I had an appointment this morning, and I forgot to bring my camera. so, full disclosure- this image has nothing to do with today. I know, the audacity!

had I brought my camera today, this image would have likely been of an ultrasound print out of my uterine lining. which, is looking so awesome already, that my transfer date is being moved up!

instead of increasing my both of my estrogen meds today, and coming back in next thursday, I’m only increasing one of the meds (the shot), and coming back in on sunday to hopefully get clearance to start phase 2!

this is really crazy. all of it. right before I left my clinic today, I leapt and hugged my doctor so tightly. all of this is surreal, and exciting, and terrifying. honestly, it’s really terrifying. this thing that I’ve wanted so bad–honestly, for my whole life. and that my husband has wanted so bad, what we’ve been fighting for for 29 months….the stars are lining up for it to happen. and it’s either going to happen, or it’s not. and whatever the outcome is, it’s crazy and terrifying. and I hope also exciting.