did you know that the rabbit is typically seen as a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and fertility? this was the only creative way I could segue using this image, haha.

on sunday I had an appointment to check to see how I was responding to the medication, and my husband was with me because we were heading down to san diego for the day immediately after. just to shake things up a bit, I handed him my camera and let him document whatever he wanted to. well, here I am playing with the exam light that was left on. because, ya know, shadow puppets at your reproductive endocrinologist just makes sense, right? right.

just as my first cycle, I’m responding very well to the medications (which are also a lower dose than last time). about 15 follicles measuring between 7-10mm. dr. kolb mentioned that he might keep me on the meds longer than we’ve initially scheduled for, which will push back the retrieval a few more days past the 27th.

oh! you know the story of the turtle and the hare? slow and steady wins the race! …which was the turtle.. and not the hare… so I guess my bunny shadow puppet isn’t as symbolic as I hoped it would be. pretend that’s a turtle I’m making with my hands. :)

next appointment is wednesday!