luna di miele / italian honeymoon

on october 4th of 2014, I got married. no really, I did! (check out the beautiful work done by Bethany Carlson).

a few days after, my brand spanking new husband and I took a whirlwind 15 day honeymoon to italy. we walked, toured, ate, and drank our way through the beautiful country- and between my slr, two iphones, and a compact digital camera, we ( I ) took nearly three thousand photos.

when you click on my about me on this webpage, I preface all this that I do with these words: “I am a people watcher”. my name is amanda, and I am a people watcher. and in italy, my goodness, the people are….just….perfection.

and while I won’t bore you with the 3000 photos we ( I ) took- here is a sampling of some my favorite captures from our once in a lifetime adventure: