mateo / los angeles newborn photography

I remember the first time I found out about mateo.

my husband and I were standing in a circle, with 20 other couples, introducing ourselves. when introductions came to kyle and estela, they announced they were expecting. and then, just a few weeks later, my husband and I spent 9 amazing days in israel with kyle, estela, in-utero mateo, and 19 other couples. (I have amazing photos from that trip…one day, oh one day, I’ll get to blogging them!)

the families I photograph are sometimes people I do not know at first contact. the families I photograph are sometimes long-time friends. but there are only so many of the families I photograph who are friends I made while traveling together in israel. it’s a unique friendship, a unique bond that I cannot fully articulate into words. it’s a relationship however, that I am so SO grateful to have- especially with kyle and estela.

so after our many adventures and memories created in israel, when in-utero mateo finally made his appearance- I was all but honored when his parents asked me to come into their newly purchased home to capture their everyday as a family of 3.

I’m so thankful to have created such incredible memories with kyle and estela already, and am overjoyed at the notion that even more get to be made. all the while watching mateo grow up.