An Impromptu Morning

Little did I know that this morning, when family would be coming over for brunch, a sneaky bunny would come to my yard for a 3rd egg hunt for Caleb.

No, really. I had no idea. And as soon as Caleb’s parents suspiciously came into my house several minutes after his arrival with Meema (his grandmother), and Caleb innocently carrying an empty basket…I quickly grabbed my camera and followed him out into my front yard.

I love these pictures for many reasons.

First, this was perhaps my first experience of complete impromptu photography. I don’t usually carry my camera around with me unless I’m planning and/or expecting something to happen. Before I had a chance to blink, turn on the camera and adjust the settings- Caleb was off and running…and I didn’t want to miss a second of it. I didn’t have a moment to  worry about “the session”, come up with a game plan,  or think of creative shots ahead of time. And it was wonderful.

Second, when my other half and I walked up to this house that we currently live in- I fell. in. love. with the outdoor space. The front and backyard is just beautiful. Especially the front yard. I envisioned growing fruits and vegetables around the strawberries, bell peppers, mint, and orange trees that were already there. I call the front yard my “surprise garden”, because new flowers and plants seem to pop up all the time- and for only living here under 2 years, I am continually shocked and so grateful for the beauty I get to come home to everyday. I am SO (selfishly) thrilled to have pictures that use my home as the backdrop.

And thirdly, this impromptu session came with a (semi-planned) opportunity to get moments captured with Caleb and his Meema. She, unfortunately, lives 8 hours away, but visiting for weekend. Their time together is so precious, and I am overjoyed with getting to catch some wonderful memories.