los angeles family photography / myra + family

as I entered the home of myra and her family, I was immediately hit with amazing and vibrant smell of a traditional indian breakfast being served. it definitely made the oatmeal that I had scarfed down just prior to leaving for this session feel a lot more lackluster in my belly.

myra’s mom explained to me that this dish, poha (pressed rice, potatoes, onions, and spices), was myra’s breakfast of choice on the weekend. during the week, her morning meal is flexible. but on the weekends, myra insists on eating poha. I just love love love love seeing a family’s routine and ritual.

after breakfast, we spent sometime in myra’s backyard. her grandparents are visiting from india, the second time being here since she was born. this occasion not only called for some backyard portraits, but for some bike riding, pretend phone calls to the imaginary friend sonia, and tickle sessions.

thank you myra and family for opening up your home to me!