the natraj family / los angeles family photographer

this is the third year I’ve had the privilege of doing an in-home session with the natraj family. from being a family of three, to a family of four- every year there is a new element of their lives that I get to be a part of capturing.

this year, larissa, joined in for the fun. in the technical terms of what larissa is to the natraj family is she is a caregiver, an infant/toddler teacher. she was avantika’s caregiver when avantika was just an infant, and now, the same type of relationship has formed with baby brother, sidd. but I’m throwing technicalities out the window…because what REALLY is larissa? she’s family. period. end of story.

we spent the day dancing to indian music, reading books in the kid’s rooms, splashing in the pool, and making a traditional indian snack called dosas.

sidd is on the cusp of walking. avantika is about to start preschool. larissa will be working in a different room next year, and for the first time in 3 years- the children will not be under her care while their parents are at their jobs. things are shifting. things are changing. but in this moment, the snuggles, the trust, the joy, and even the hand crushed spices from india…they’re here for just a bit longer.