los angeles family photography / the natraj family

a lot has changed since the last time I met with the natraj family. mostly the addition of avantika’s baby brother, siddarth! throw into the mix grandparents visiting from india, and what I had the honor to capture again was a home full of love and spontaneity.

I have fallen in love with lifestyle portraiture. as a self declared people watcher, getting the opportunity to be a fly on the wall of a family’s home brings me so much joy.  we often take for granted our daily routine as insignificant, but this is where I find the most beauty.

how lucky I am to get to witness avantika and sidd’s grandparents singing traditional indian songs to them? to silently observe and click away on my camera as mother and daughter spend some alone time reading books in bed? if I got paid a nickel for every time I wrote the word “fleeting” in a blog post, I could own a private island somewhere. but the truth is, these moments of family life, of childhood, are so so so fleeting. and sometimes I get overwhelmed that I get to be a part of it for my families.

also. sidd’s hair. I can’t even.