olivia + family / a san diego 1st birthday celebration

oh geez. I have to keep this short, otherwise I’ll end up writing a novel.

I’ve shot two weddings in my life. when I was first starting out, I dabbled in wedding photography to see if that was the direction I wanted to go. (spoiler alert: wedding photography was not the direction I wanted to go!) However, 1 of those weddings I shot, way back when, was of sean and leah. september of 2013. for nostalgia sake, you can take a stroll down memory lane and reflect back on a time where I watermarked all my images with an old logo :)

from their engagement, to their wedding, and then pregnancy- I have truly had the highest honor to document these huge life milestones for them. I’ve watched their relationship grow and evolve through my lens. I cannot fully express the honor I feel to have these two trust me, and grow with me, year after year. I am so grateful.

and now, their sweet baby girl has turned 1 year old.

I spent the morning with sean, leah, and sweet sweet sweet baby olivia on the actual day of her birth. it was a morning spent with creating new traditions, reflecting on the memories of the past, and relishing in what was to come next. a crib filled with balloons, birthday pancakes covered in frosting, and a tent full of presents. oh and snuggles, all the family snuggles. which, is really all a baby girl needs on her birthday: to feel safe and secure in mom and dad’s arms.

sean and leah- you two are amazing human beings, and even more amazing parents. thank you for sharing your life with me.