pixie dust.

our little embryo that could- on the bottom left. 21 eggs retrieved, and we have this single embryo that fought its way.

we met with our doctor this past friday, and have a new game plan. we will be doing another egg retrieval in august in hopes of creating more embryos.

there are various reasons for this decision. one of the first is that we don’t know if this embryo that we have is genetically normal. there’s a risk of miscarriage that comes with a price tag of doing a frozen transfer that we’re just not willing to gamble on at this point. “embryo banking” is the phrase, doing egg retrievals to get enough frozen embryos to send off to genetic testing, to then hopefully have a small handful we know are genetically normal. my husband and I would love to have more than one child in the future, and since the reason why we’re unable to get pregnant on our own is still a mystery- it’s likely that we would have to go through this process again in a few years. and here’s the thing, 32 year old eggs are far better to have waiting for us rather than 36, 37, 38 year old eggs. so if we can have a few handful of us waiting for when the timing is right, that would be such an incredible blessing.

I will be on a new protocol for this cycle. what we learned was that out of the 21 eggs that were retrieved last week, 11 of them were either “overcooked” or under mature. the new plan of attack is to completely suppress my reproductive system for this next month with birth control and another drug, and then jump start it with the medications when the time is right. this strategy becomes way more controlled, creating an even playing field for the follicles (which hold the eggs) to grow at a similar rate. by doing this we hope to have a smaller amount of eggs retrieved, but have them be consistently mature. quality over quantity is the new name of the game!

the blessing and curse with IVF is that for how much incredible science there is available to us, there’s a whole lotta magic to the process too. for how much we do know, what we can learn from, how much doctor’s can intervene… there’s a maddening aspect that mother nature is still in control when it’s all said and done. my body has become a guinea pig to science, and we’re hoping to find the perfect cocktail of technology and pixie dust that will allow the stars to align and give us our baby.

thank you for being so supportive, encouraging, and following this wild ride with us. a whole new adventure is awaiting.

IVF journey 2.0!