pj #worththewait / los angeles fresh48 photography

mom and dad tried for ELEVEN years to have a baby. 3 IUIs, 2 rounds of IVF, countless surgeries and procedures. nothing worked. and then, one month she decided to drink, and have sushi, and not think about the fight she had been fighting for over a decade.

and a miracle happened.

at 45 years old, she got pregnant naturally. early on, she experienced heavy bleeding, and the doctor’s told her she was losing the baby. but this little guy fought just as hard as his mama did. and here he is, 4 days new: preston james. a true miracle in every sense of the word.

(an interesting side anecdote- I was connected to this amazing mama through my local infertility support group. we traded fertility drugs that she had left over for a newborn session. the infertility community is a bittersweet family to be a part of, but man- we look out, support, and celebrate one another in a way that is truly beautiful).