21 eggs retrieved!!

as we speak, they’re being fertilized…and by tomorrow we’ll know how many made to that fertilization milestone. on july 5th, we’ll get a report from the embryologist of how many grew to into blastocysts (which is more or less a hatching embryo). those blastocysts will be our keepers!

I’ve been home for a bit now…sipping on bone broth and coconut water, with a heating pad on my belly. the whole experience wasn’t bad at all…especially after the valium kicked in on the car ride to our clinic :)

everyone’s words of encouragement and love over these last 24 hours have been incredible. to have so many rooting for us, and cheering for us, means the world. our future child will never fully know many were rallying for them to be on this planet with us. we can’t wait to tell them their story.

let’s see what happens next!