the wilson family / san diego family photography

a simple day at home. but oh so much more.

these are the sessions that make my heart flutter; where I spend time with a family and “nothing happens”. those are the sessions where everything happens, where images are created that I know will mean the absolute world to the family a year from now.. 10 years from now.

grandma was visiting. the older boys and dad played music in the garage. the whole family hung out on their balcony and talked and ate snacks. they dug in sandbox, played catch. there were tickle fights, and bee stings, and dishes washed. the sun began to set and dinner was prepared while the kids skateboarded in front of their house.

this is the world of the wilson family in october of 2017. a month from now it will look different. a year from now, so much will have changed. but this, this is a snapshot of their present.

details preserved. an afternoon forever frozen in time. how incredibly special is that to have?