sarah + dan / los angeles maternity photography

the last time I saw sarah and dan, we were in israel together. I promise one day I will share photos from that incredible experience. I promise.

but the point is…the last time I saw sarah and dan, baby sofie was already growing and very few people knew. but here we are, nearly 8 months later and the whole world is now anxiously waiting for sofie’s arrival.

her mommy and daddy are very busy people, and some of their treasured time together is watching disney/pixar movies, snuggled on the couch. this little girl is going to enter a home full of laughter, and I’m sure she already knows it.

we spent the morning in their cozy home (where I missed capturing their “pregnancy breakfast of choice” of pancakes because we were too busy catching up…oops!), and then reconvened later for some delicious sunset light at a nearby park in the evening. a little bit of home snuggling, a little bit of  beautiful nature….all the ingredients for a blissful documentation of a family of two becoming three.