savinna + family / a los angeles adoption story

savinna’s adoption papers aren’t even finalized.
mom, dad, and big sister met her for the first time in march of last year, and she moved into their home in june. this june, just a few months away, everything will be official.
but no court documents are needed to know what is the obvious reality: savinna was the missing piece to this incredible family. she found her mom, dad, and her sister. it took nearly 8 years, but she is finally home. and it was always meant to be.

we spent the morning doing their favorite family activities at home, a perfect balance of play and laughter to cuddly snuggles.

I cannot emphasize how truly beautiful it was to watch this family’s dynamic together. no one would never know that this unit of 4 is less than a year old. what a poignant and significant session this was, the very start of a new lifetime of memories.

savinna, I am so elated that you finally found your family. they were waiting for you.