los angeles maternity / sean + leah + baby olivia

after each session I do with sean and leah (more on that in a second),  I leave thinking to myself: “man, I wish I could be friends with them in real life.”  totally not weird in the context of a  photographer to client relationship, right? …right. mostly the problem comes down to a physical distance between them and me,  where there is no way to cross the bridge into “real life friends”. because in a perfect world, I’d love for sean and leah to be another couple that my husband and I get to do couple things with sans a camera.

maybe it’s because I got to do their engagement photos.

maybe it’s because I had the honor to capture their wedding.

maybe because, on the brink of another milestone in their lives of becoming mother and father, they asked me to do their maternity photos.

or maybe, just maybe, they’re just people you know you could be really great friends with in real life.