yesterday, by random selection, I gave away my first gifted #WorthTheWait session to a couple who has fought over 4 years to have their baby. I cannot wait to tell their story.

later that night, my husband and I attending a “fertility 101” seminar for a local clinic to learn more about IVF. at the beginning of the seminar, raffle tickets were handed out to every couple attending.

after the seminar, I met up with a women who had extra endometrin (vaginal suppositories…wee!) that she was giving me. our insurance doesn’t cover any medication/drugs, and 10 days worth of these drugs would cost us nearly $300. this is the second woman that I’ve received leftover fertility drugs from in the past month.

my “box-o-drugs”, as I lovingly refer to the container where I keep all things fertility related, is currently filled with donations, good vibrations, and kind gestures.

that raffle ticket? at the end of a the seminar, a winner would be chosen, by random selection, to receive $1000 off any infertility treatments from this clinic.

we won.

the universe works in really mysterious ways. nearly two years into this journey, I am continually enchanted- if not humored, how serendipitous every step has been. although, the only roadblock we continually hit is not getting pregnant yet, these past two years have shown me the incredible way doors open to relationships and connections to others who are destined to help you, to be there alongside you, on this journey. it’s painfully beautiful and amazing. and I am so, SO grateful.