Seth + Ashley + Baby G

First came love…then came marriage…and now comes a BABY!

I have watched these two transform from friends,  to a couple, to a husband a wife, and now…they are on the verge of taking on the greatest adventure yet, becoming Mommy and Daddy. I consider Seth and Ashley to be two of my closest friends. Seth confided in me for opinions on rings when he decided to propose, I shot their engagement pictures,  I proudly stood by them as a bridesmaid when they got married. And I cried, cried, cried when I found out they were pregnant. When they approached me with wanting to do gender reveal pictures, of course I absolutely lept (and perhaps went a liiiiiitle overboard) with the opportunity. Seth loves all things super hero and sci-fi. …Particularly Batman and Star Wars. So Baby G (as I fondly refer to him), has of course accumulated quite the toy and wardrobe collection already in utero.

I believe I wrote in their engagement session blog that I am so inspired by the perfect balance of pure love and pure silliness that Seth and Ashley have with each other. My goal with this photo session was to capture this beautiful balance. 

“Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you” -Maureen Hawkins