SPECIAL EDITION: mr. + mrs. moran

In my opinion, an impeccable wedding is one where a perfect balance of emotional sentiment and hilarious fun combine.

Sean and Leah’s wedding was all that and more.

What can I say about this experience. The day was filled with so much love,  and most importantly- laughter. I was honored to be part of such a celebration, where everyone near and dear to Sean and Leah joined forces to pull off an absolutely beautiful and personal event. Truth be told, weddings that become spectacles are always amazing and nice- but something about getting married in a friend’s home, with all who are close to you helping out with everything from decor to hair/makeup to even officiating – it just adds such a homely and personal vibe that is just so perfect to me.

It is hard to explain, but Sean and Leah’s wedding was just so simply…organic. Like it was always meant to happen. With Sean’s recent battle with thyroid cancer, their wedding was a celebration on so many different levels. I had never been faced with the responsibility of having a camera to my face while my eyes filled with tears- but Leah’s vows to Sean, as well as Sean’s dance with his mother, challenged my ability to keep to my job and not crumble to the floor. Likewise, I was forced to remain professional and stick to my task at hand during their reception with the marvelous time everyone was having on the dance floor. …Okay, I totally danced a little. Shhh.

With all this being said, wedding photography is hard. work. And not that I didn’t already appreciate wedding photographers, but after tackling such a feat myself- I whole-heartedly bow down to them now. I’d just like to preface to the general public that I have no desire to dive into the world of wedding photography. It is a beast that is greater than I can possibly imagine doing regularly at this point. Ultimately, when Sean approached me with an inquiry about shooting his own wedding- it was an offer and a gift to them that I couldn’t refuse. And being able to look at these pictures now, I feel so privileged that it is my photos that will be shown to their children, and grandchildren, for generations to come.

Sean and Leah, words cannot express how beautiful your day was. It was amazing to be able to reconnect with you and friends from the past. I am so proud of these photos, and I thank you so deeply for trusting your big day to me and my camera. May your lives together be filled with  joy and happiness, good drinks, and belly laughter. Lots of love to you both. 

Nothing in this world compares to the comfort and security of having someone just hold your hand. ―Richelle E. Goodrich