aaaaaaand we’re off! today officially starts day 1 of our IVF adventure. I honestly can’t believe we’re finally here.
with a single swipe of the card, a little over ten thousand dollars was paid to our clinic for the first portion of this process. never in my life have I paid for something this large in a single moment. never in our lives did we think this would be how we hopefully become a family.
but this morning, we did it. this adventure is now a reality, 747 days from when we decided to try to start a family. tonight we start the injections, and our estimated egg retrieval day is june 30th.
between now and then, as we’ve learned, anything can happen. but we’re going to take it day by day, and see what the incredible cocktail of science and biology does for us.
baby of ours, this just might be the beginning of your story too!