talia rose, a valentine’s baby / fresh 48 photography in los angeles

in august of last year, kristin contacted me with a sneaky plan. she wanted to gather all of her and her husband’s family together for “formal portraits”, but in reality- was going to make a pregnancy announcement AND do a gender reveal. it was such an incredible moment to capture! (you can see how everything unfolded here!)

and then here we were, 7 months later…and I’m anxiously waiting for the call to say that their sweet baby had arrived.

I utterly adore fresh48 sessions. 9 months of wondering, daydreaming, anticipating the arrival of your baby…and then, often in a complete whirlwind blur…bam, they’re here. ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes. all those details you thought about in your mind are finally here in real life, to touch, to kiss, to stare at endlessly.

talia rose, 32 hours new, was finally here. born just a few days short of valentine’s day, she entered the world in a rosey colored celebration of hearts and sweet smelling flowers. and cupid’s arrow was definitely not needed for her incredible parent’s to instantly fall in love with her, that’s for sure.

welcome to the world, talia rose!