talia rose at home / newborn los angeles photography

I first met talia when she was just 32 hours old! I love when my families book a fresh48 session as well as an in-home session; it’s such a wonderful way to preserve those early life milestones of your new babe.

when your baby is first born, and I come to your birth place- it’s all about savoring the newness, taking in every inch of detail you had been dreaming and imagining about for 9 months. when you bring your baby home, your world, your space, everything you knew as familiar and routine, is now completely different. this little person now exists in your home that, at one point, was the only piece of this planet that was yours.

coming to talia’s home, nearly two weeks after she was born, showcases everything that I love that exact moment in time. life is all of a sudden so different, yet so SO beautiful. yes, this beautiful new world involves extreme sleep deprivation and explosive diapers– but most importantly, it involves moments of blissful family snuggles. talia was already an expert at this. she was most happy if held a certain way in her parent’s arms, which mom and dad deemed “the snuggle zone”. so I photographed talia in her snuggle zone, with her mom and dad, in her brand new house that she’s only getting used to knowing… this piece of the planet that is just for her, and her family. and what an incredibly sacred and wonderful space it is.